Perceptions of Sex Ratios

Sex Ratios

My research focuses on the cognitive processes underlying the tracking and perception of sex ratios. One topic of interest is the cognitive bounds around sex ratio tracking. This line of research examines the sex ratio tracking process to determine how accurate people are at tracking sex ratios and how automatically they track sex ratios.

My second line of research examines if people are tracking overall sex ratio, adult sex ratio (adult males to females; ASR), or operational sex ratio (males to females that are available and viable potential mates; OSR). These distinctions are important because the ratios can be different within the same population, yet many previous studies have used only OSR because their stimuli matched the age ranges of their subjects (i.e. typically young adults).

My third line of research is examining the effect of individual differences, such as sexual orientation or daily experienced sex ratio, on the tracking of sex ratios.

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